Impy Pilapil is a multimedia artist – sculptor, serigraphist, muralist, and stage designer… (read more)


MIST is a 14 foot high, stainless steel sculpture by Impy Pilapil.
The smooth and polished surfaces of the large undulating structures are accentuated by a myriad of other reflective media that seemingly creates a new world from within.

Shiny, spherical orbs tethered to the sculpture’s interior by stainless steel rods convey a sense of depth that goes beyond logical perception. These elements seem to pull themselves in and out of the void, like cosmic bodies floating within a nebulous mass.

From a distance, the composition as a whole has a more molecular, almost atomic semblance to water; as if tall, clear vessels that have been filled from a pristine and highly oxygenated spring.

Reaching into the mirrored concaves affords the viewer the rare experience of ‘almost’ touching an ostensibly boundless and infinite area of space. It creates an illusion that plays a pleasant little trick on one’s depth perception and teases the sense of touch.

Pilapil’s MIST is part of a series of the artist’s ongoing work-in-evolution. As she digs deeper into the chemistry of creation and uncanny connectivity of all life on our planet to the rest of the universe, her knowledge of materials also expands and prompts the further perfection of her chosen media.

The artist has chosen reflective steel and a variety of other mirror-like materials to convey infinity in a form that deviates from the most often associated phenomena seen in a static funhouse/hall-of-mirrors. The sculpture and its effect, lends to a more organic feeling and experience and behaves in a manner akin to forces of nature.