Impy Pilapil is a multimedia artist – sculptor, serigraphist, muralist, and stage designer… (read more)

About Impy Pilapil


Impy Pilapil is a multimedia artist – sculptor, serigraphist, muralist, and stage designer. She works and moves through various media (stone, glass, steel, wood & paper) without the burden of hesitation or loss of identity. The evolution of her work has progressed towards large-scale relief and free-standing sculptures, which has made her name synonymous with monumental art commissions. Pilapil’s art centers around themes of solace, tranquility and the spirit.

The artist in her atelier.

Her inspirations have transcended concepts of nature & ecology and have embraced the metaphysical in her tireless search for answers. She believes that it is essential to be deeply involved with nature, community, and self-development, which in turn align with her being a student of Anthroposophy – ‘ The scientific exploration of the spiritual world ’– founded by Rudolf Steiner.

The greatest feats of human civilization: faith, science, the arts, & philosophy, are all essential for the future of humankind, but in order to partake, one must be in a state of constant evolution. She first attended art school in The University of the Philippines then pursued further studies in Academia Italiana, Rome and Pratt Institute Graphics Center in New York.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

Into the Ether




Benevolent Force II

Outdoor Sculptures
Outdoor Sculptures, Ayala Corporation 75th Anniversary

Glass and Stone



Reflections of the Spiritual: Sculptures in Glass and Stone


Water: Sculptures in Glass and Stone


Sculptures in Glass and Stone

Mix-media (sculptures, wall works and furniture)

Paper, Glass and Metal


Prints on Glass


Collage and Prints

Paper Sculptures

Galleria IL Camino, Rome, Italy

Selected Group Exhibitions


Hans Brumann, Arturo Luz, Impy Pilapil


For the Change the Philippines movement

Ten Artists

at IZUKAN Gallery

Hans Brumann, Arturo Luz, Impy Pilapil

A special exhibit of the The Embassy of Switzerland

Art Singapore

Seventh Havana Biennial

Sculptors Association of the Philippines

Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition

Volume and Form

Impy Pilapil / Masayuki Kanda

The 11th Asian International Art Exhibition

(Federation of Asian Artists)

“FILIPINAS” Contemporary Art


Sculpture as Jewelry

Four Artists

special exhibition for Elsa Klench

Arturo Luz, Impy Pilapil, Napoleon Abueva and Eduardo Castrillo – Sculptures

Thirteen Outstanding Artists

Artists around the World

Women in Art

Back to Back: Lao Lianben and Impy Pilapil

Chair as Art

L.A. Art

Tribute to Van Gogh

Visions: Art and Ecology

With Japanese artist Tetsugi Nakagawara

Visions: Art and Ecology part II

ASEAN Art Exhibition 

Impy Pilapil and Lao Lianben

Two Filipino Artists: Hilario Francia, Impy Pilapil


Philippine Contemporary Prints

Invitational Exhibit

Philippine Exhibition to the Peoples’ Republic of China

Recent Achievements of Printmaking

Art of Fine Print

Artists of Asia

5 Philippine Artists

13 Outstanding Artists

6th Philippine Association of Printmakers

Annual Exhibition

Sight and Sound Graphic Art Exhibit

Sight and Sound Graphic Art Exhibit

Galleria IL Camino, Rome, Italy

Awards & Distinctions

Araw Ng Maynila ‘Outstanding Citizen Award’ 
Selected Sculptor for the Heroes Memorial Landmark Fort Bonifacio
Selected Sculptor for the ASEAN Plaza Landmark CCP Complex
Vidal Sassoon Visual Arts Award for Sculpture
10 Philippine Artists Museo Civica Contemporanea, Italy
Philippine Representative to the Seoul Olympics Arts Festival
Grand Prize, Sculptor of the Year Art Association of the Philippines
Critics’ Choice Award Ma-yi Art Associates, Manila
Outstanding Artist Cultural Center of the Philippines
Prize Winner, Annual Competition Philippine Association of Printmakers
Outstanding Artist Art Association of the Philippines
Prize Winner, Graphic Art Competition, Rome, Italy