Impy Pilapil is a multimedia artist – sculptor, serigraphist, muralist, and stage designer… (read more)

Impy Pilapil

Impy Pilapil is a multimedia artist – sculptor, serigraphist, muralist, and stage designer. She works and moves through various media (stone, glass, steel, wood & paper) without the burden of hesitation or loss of identity. The evolution of her work has progressed towards large-scale relief and free-standing sculptures, which has made her name synonymous with monumental art commissions. Pilapil’s art centers around themes of solace, tranquility and the spirit.

Upcoming Events:Impy Pilapil: Atlantis

“The Atlantis Series is my creative impression of the tenacity of life. How all life has sprung from water and what journey it had to take through the ravages of time, ever-changing, adapting and enduring forces that shape and give it form. Like the stone that lives under the waves, sharing parts of itself to the embrace of the ocean’s rhythm until its truest form comes forth and rises above the tides to face the wind and sky.

Atlantis as an ideal serves as a placeholder for humanity’s potential and in turn we as humans serve as a representative of all life. Where we stand tall we bring with us the future of our planet and everything within its embrace – and in our darkest form we also bring about the devastation that wreaks havoc on the same plane of existence – the one place we all call home. Yet we are the same creature, the taker and caretaker of life as we know it.”


Book:Impy Pilapil SATURN

Saturn is the first book of a series which chronicles the artists' work in seven year cycles. Now available in our web store.