Impy Pilapil is a multimedia artist – sculptor, serigraphist, muralist, and stage designer… (read more)

Impy Pilapil continues to make waves

Her every sculptural exhibition is an event, always an occasion for the exploration of her being, each show building upon the previous, not in a manner expecting drastic changes, but as in a scene unfolding an artist’s multiplicity of facets and insights, like the sea’s myriad pinpoints of light glinting in the sun.

Her materials are palpably solid, but beyond their mass and matter, there emanates a halation of spirit and energy, coming onto the viewer in wave upon wave of repose and stillness.

She said: “As water has been the inherent subject of my work, I think of the ocean as one of God’s life-giving gifts, cradling the universe in its silent and gentle waves, all its sparkling bubbles blowing upward and waving its soul to the world—as if showing the path toward heaven.”